Regin Smoke Products : Applications


Ventilation Air balancing.  


Product: S210, Product: S220, Product: S102, Product: S102O (orange), Product: S103, Product: S103O (orange), Product: S104

Leakage and function tests of Ductwork.


Product: S102, Product: S102 P (perfumed), Product: S102 O (orange), Product: S103, Product: S103 P , Perfumed), Product: S103 O (orange), Product: S104, Product: S104 P (perfumed), Product: S104 O (orange), Product: S105, Product: S105 P (perfumed), Product: S105 O (orange)

Fire Training and 
Special Effects. 


Product: S105, Product: S105 P (perfumed), Pro duct: S107, Product: S107O (orange), Product: S105Y (yellow), Product: S105B  (blue), Product: S105G (green), Product: S105O (orange), Product: S105R (red), Product: S105DG (dark grey)